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Bilderberg 2013 at the Grove Hotel, Watford, UK

Monday, June 10th, 2013

Another Bilderberg Meeting has come and gone. This time it had a difference. Like never before, the coverage was not hard to come by. For the first time since inception, the Bilderberg meeting has seen maintream journalists travel to Watford, England to ask questions about what goes on and why it happens behind closed doors surrounded by fences and security teams.

Nearly every American mainstream news source took the time to report on it, even if they were making snide comments or telling their dwindling audiences that it was nothing to make a fuss over. No coverage was seen on Australian free to air channels such as 7,9,10 but the ABC mentioned the meeting and featured an article on Bilderberg which included a still photograph with protesters carrying “No New World Order” signs as the thumbnail. The article mentioned Alex Jones as a “sept 11 Truther.”

After so many years of denial this meeting even takes place, news sources have been forced to acknowledge this meeting happens and anyone who is interested can research who attends and what laws they break while they are there. They have received so much attention already that the official Bilderberg site had to set up a “press” section to deal with the media.

We Are Change and other organizations have tried to draw attention to this meeting of the most powerful people in the world for years and see this as a win. This is progress.

This year the protesters, who were numerous in numbers said to be in the thousands, also included “climate change activists” Interesting since the climate change lie and hsyteria is part of the agenda. Despite these people arriving in Watford at the “Bilderberg Festival” to “protest” it seems they actually went there to celebrate their enslavement after harrassing Lord of the Rings producer, Peter Jackson to travel to Watford and film their mess (see here.) However, the fact that people of different political persuasions and vastly different walks of life have identified that this meeting does have influence on the world is, again, progress.

Coverage of the Bilderberg festival has been transmitted live on www.  with follow ups and replays of interviews and protest footage if you have missed the LIVE action.



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