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ONE MORE GIRL – Documentary

Thursday, February 24th, 2011

Project by ThinkExist Productions

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About this project

One More Girl is a documentary about the stories of anguish and travesty, futures destroyed, and families reduced to financial ruin by medical costs brought on by a supposedly safe vaccine, Gardasil. The vaccine is designed to prevent Human Papillomavirus (HPV).

Pre-production is in process right now and we are raising funds so that we can begin production this summer with a tentative 2012 release date.

We are two brothers that were motivated to make this documentary when our sister had experienced several serious side-effects after her first injection of the Gardasil vaccine. Her adverse reaction demanded further investigation which led to the startling discovery that thousands of young girls were having serious reactions to the vaccine, including death. At last count, there have been 89 confirmed deaths as a result of Gardasil.

These girls’ reactions to the vaccine range from muscle pain, weakness, seizures, strokes, autoimmune problems, paralysis, tremors, heart issues, and the list goes on and on. Furthermore, it is estimated that only 1-10% of vaccine related side-effects are reported.

Treating these girls is a challenge. Doctors don‘t know how to treat them and are reluctant to do so without establishing the cause of their symptoms, yet they are resistant or refuse to link the medical conditions with the vaccine. So, these girls have been suffering in silence.

Haunted by the tragic stories of thousands of girls injured by Gardasil, we began in-depth research to verify a correlation between the vaccine and the girls’ medical conditions. We wanted to know more about the HPV that causes cervical cancer, the vaccine created to prevent it, and Merck Pharmaceutical Company, which developed the HPV vaccine Gardasil.

The Gardasil Girls stories are backed up with research and data from global activists, attorneys, medical experts and journalists. Dr. Dianne M. Harper, the leading researcher that worked for 20 years developing the Gardasil vaccine states that, ”There is not enough evidence gathered on the side-effects to know that safety is not an issue” and “giving it to 11 year old girls is a great big public health experiment.” Dr. Harper speaks out even though her words could be detrimental to Merck. She claims, ”That she wants to be able to sleep with herself when she goes to bed at night.”

With this information we had to ask, “Why hasn’t the use of this vaccine been stopped?” This is a classic case of pharmaceutical company/government versus the medical consumer.

As filmmakers, we decided that the best way to bring this topic to the forefront was to make a documentary giving the “Gardasil Girls“ a voice. We intend to educate the public on HPV, the impact of Gardasil on young girls’ lives, and to expose Merck’s irresponsible marketing and testing procedures.

We have teamed up with Truth About Gardasil,, and SaneVax Inc., Safe, Affordable, Necessary and Effective Vaccines, TAG and SaneVax are two advocacy groups involved in exposing the truth about the HPV vaccines and reaching out to those that have been hurt by it. Together they have accumulated over four years of information on Gardasil.

We are passionate about protecting young girls or anyone from adverse reactions caused by Merck Pharmaceutical whose irresponsible marketing, inadequate testing of Gardasil and drive for profit destroys lives.

One More Girl needs your financial support to complete production of this documentary. We invite you to participate by posting your pledges here on Kickstarter. Together, we can give these girls a voice.


On behalf of the victims and their families, we thank you.


What is Kickstarter?
-Kickstarter is a new way to fund creative projects through crowd sourcing. A large group of people can be a tremendous source of money and encouragement. We want everyone to have a chance to participate in this important documentary.

All-or-nothing funding?
-Every Kickstarter project must be fully funded before its time expires or no money changes hands.

How do I pledge?
-To pledge to a project, just click the green “Back This Project” or a specific “Reward” button of your choosing on the right side of our Kickstarter page and continue until you are finished with the Amazon set-up.

If I make a pledge, when is my card charged?
-If our project is successfully funded, your card will be charged when the project reaches its funding deadline. If the project does not reach its funding goal, your card is never charged.

If the complete funding does not succeed do backers pay anything?
-Nothing. If funding fails, all pledges are canceled and that’s that.

Where is the money going to be spent for ONE MORE GIRL?
-The money will be used to fund the production (shooting days) of the documentary. The primary use of funds will be to facilitate travel around the country (or countries if we raise enough) to interview Gardisil victims, families and a variety of experts. The budget will also included purchasing/renting equipment that will effectively translate a quality picture onto a large screen (we plan to submit the documentary to film festivals). What is left over will be to used for the post-production expenses that will enable the completion of ONE MORE GIRL after filming is done. Everyone involved in ONE MORE GIRL is volunteering their time and skills so that we can make this as cost-effective as possible.

*Anonymous backers will still receive all the other cool rewards offered in the equivalent pledges. When you set up your username, you can use any name you like, e.g Anonymous1, GardasilGirl, etc. There is no wrong answer :) We will send out a survey once we pass our deadline and if we have met our goal. In the survey you can let us know what name, IF ANY, you would like to be in the credits. One suggestion is to give your film credit to a victim of the HPV vaccine. We can help you with a name if you like. We respect your wish for privacy.

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Calgary Vote puts Perth’s Water Fluoridation back into the Spotlight

Wednesday, February 9th, 2011


James Fairbairn, Founder – Perth Fluoride Free
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Calgary Vote Puts Perth’s Water Fluoridation Back Into The Spotlight
Perth’s sister resources city, Calgary in Canada, last night voted to end the undemocratic practice of water fluoridation due to increasing concerns over its health effects. This follows recent announcement by US health authorities reducing US flouridation levels to 30% less than Perth’s.

Perth, WA – 9 February 2011 –

The continued mass fluoridation of Perth’s drinking water was thrust back into the spotlight today following the overwhelming decision by politicians in fellow resources focussed city, Calgary, Canada to end the practice of water fluoridation in the city.
Perth’s drinking water has been fluoridated at a level of 0.9 to 1.0 mg/l since the mid-1960’s in the belief that fluoride say it prevents tooth decay, and has no adverse medical side effects. However a large amount of recent peer reviewed scientific research has linked fluoride to numerous health risks such as lowering fertility rates, lower IQ’s in children, thyroid problems and osteoporosis.
In addition to the Calgary decision, the US Department of Health last month issued a national directive for US fluoridation levels to be reduced to 0.7mg/l, around 30% lower than Perth’s current levels. This was due to a very significant recent rise in dental fluorosis in teenagers, a discolouring of the teeth caused by overdosing of fluoride.
Commenting on the Calgary decision, James Fairbairn, founder of Perth Fluoride Free, said “Yet again this highlights the negligent and undemocratic attitude towards the health of the people of WA by our medical and political establishment. Calgary’s leaders have recognised the significant adverse effects of fluoride on their population and have taken decisive action.”
He continued, “Such action is desperately needed here in Perth where such a large proportion of our population consume far more than the arbitrary recommended intake of 2 litres a day, as they work in high temperature environments such as mine or construction sites, and in doing so are significantly overdosing on any recommended levels of fluoride ingestion. Calgary’s politicians should be commended on their actions, which itself will save their taxpayers many millions of dollars a year, money which can be reinvested into more targeted dental hygiene schemes such as free tooth paste for children.
The timing of the Calgary vote coincides with a free presentation being given on the subject of Perth’s water fluoridation this Saturday morning at the WA State Library by one of the most foremost authorities on the subject, Professor Paul Connett of St Lawrence University, New York.

ABOUT Perth Fluoride FreeWith an ever growing canon of scientific research exposing the negative health effects of fluoride, Perth Fluoride Free is campaigning to end the undemocratic and arbitrary mass medication of Perth’s population through its water supply.

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